conflicted waves
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Last Tuesday (yesterday) I decided that I wanted to make a grid that rotated for our grids project. This was inspired largely by Bees & Bombs (, as well as by an animation Professor Schueller showed in Intro to Programming class.

This project was surprisingly…

Rotation can be confusing in the beginning (and still later on at times!). But it’s a really powerful tool once you’ve got it :)

This deserves its own post. Might be of interest to some. Quite intriguing possibilities.


cyrstem asked:

hey, i have a question i been trying to manipulate a svg on processing ill like to be able to move the points or change something, i like to know if you have tried something like that and if you can tell me how or point to where to start thanks and love your work


Hi, I’m not sure that you can just move or distort only certain points of an SVG in Processing … You might be interested in this link though that discusses using SVGs with PShapes? . This actually made me curious and read more about it :)

Turning a Processing sketch into an animated GIF

I get this asked from time to time so here’s a quick reminder about how to create an animated GIF from a Processing sketch:

One way to go would be to use a library ( but I’m not a big fan of this.

So personally I do it like this:

1. You define how many frames you want your GIF to have, like ‘int numberFrames = 120’

2. If your animation is a loop then you increase the theta (the value you are using in your sin() or cos() function) in your draw() function by TWO_PI divided by the number of frames, like ‘theta += TWO_PI/numberFrames’

3. You define a condition for when to save the individual GIFs. Depending on your effect the easiest could be: ‘if (frameCount<=numberFrames) saveFrame(“export/image-###.gif”)

4. You then use a tool like ‘gifsicle' (command line tool for Mac, PC and Linux) or 'unfreez' (graphical tool for Windows) to stitch the individual GIFs together. With gifsicle you would use a command like 'gifsicle -b -d 5 —loop —colors 256 i*.gif > anim.gif'

You can check the code of this sketch to see this implemented.

Feel free to ask if something wasn’t clear.

(nicer animation and code here)
the fakir was drunk
(inspired by this; my code here)
(code here)